5 Facts About the College Student Who Became Miss International Malaysia 2019

Charmaine Chew, who hails from Kedah, will represent Malaysia during the 2019 Miss International pageant in November.

The 22-year-old from the city of Alor Setar will compete in Tokyo against 82 other participants from around the globe in the 59th annual pageant on Nov. 12.

Chew has beauty and brains as she is a double major student with a 3.9 cumulative grade point average (CGPA), according to SAYS.

Besides having style, grave and being a winner, here are five facts about Miss International Malaysia 2019 you may have not known:

1.  Chew is pursuing a degree in public relations and mass communication at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus.

2.  While trying to balance her schoolwork, she is also a host and model for world-renowned brands such as Samsung, Shiseido, Subaru, Sofy and UOB Bank.

3.  Chew spoke at TEDxYouth at Sri KDU International School in 2018

Watch her TEDx talk, titled “The Cheat Code to Embracing Your Quarter Life Crisis.”

4.  She is also a gamer and avid Muay Thai fan.

5.  Chew follows her own path.

“I only started entertaining the idea of showbiz in my head when I joined my first beauty pageant back when I was 20 years old. I was a business student, so I always thought I would follow my parents’ footsteps to be an entrepreneur or a banker right after I graduated because it seemed like the safe thing to do, but life will always find a way to surprise you,” Chew told World of Buzz.

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