How to Make Awesome Sushi Using Just an Ice Cube Tray

How to Make Awesome Sushi Using Just an Ice Cube TrayHow to Make Awesome Sushi Using Just an Ice Cube Tray
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January 27, 2016
Almost everybody loves sushi. The popular Japanese food/art form is embraced around the world for being both delicious and healthy. However, a high quality sushi mean in the United States is often followed by a large bill.
With its relatively expensive cost, it makes one wonder why not many people prepare this sumptuous meal at home. The basic ingredients — rice, raw fish and sushi vinegar — are easy enough to acquire. The challenge, however, is in how it is prepared, as the proper shaping of the cooked rice into the right size and mold takes a certain skill.
It’s a good thing then that Japanese Twitter user gonnakill_uta shared a solution to this dilemma just by using an ice cube tray. The steps below, provided by Curazy (via Rocketnews24), is so easy to follow:
First, place the cooked sushi rice neatly into the ice cube tray.
Next, turn the tray over and let the molded rice drop onto a bamboo sushi mat. Now you have a number of evenly shaped rice.
Lastly, place your chosen raw fish slices on top of each rice mold and you’ve created your own sushi! Congratulations!
For best results, make sure you buy only short-grain sushi rice. This shouldn’t be difficult as “sushi rice” is usually indicated on the label of the rice packaging. Some of the more popular brands include: Kokuho Rose, Nashiki, Koshihikari. As for the fish, if you are unable to find ready-made raw fish slices, fish fillet is a good alternative as long as you get them guaranteed fresh.
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