Man Arrives As ‘Spiderman’ to Pick Up Reward Money After Helping Police in Drug Bust

A man in China may have been taking his hero status literally when he donned a Spider-Man mask to go pick up his reward for tipping off police about drug trafficking.
Because of the man’s help, authorities from several cities including Shenzhen and Guangzhou were able to seize over 1,388 pounds of illegal drugs, three drug-manufacturing plants and arrest 20 suspects from an international trafficking ring, reports the People’s Daily Online (via Daily Mail).
The man had spotted suspicious watch boxes set for Malaysia while working his freight company job on Dec. 29. Upon opening them, he found they contained drugs. He then informed police about his discovery.
The man received a cash reward of 450,000 yuan ($68,393), the highest ever given by Guangdong province police, at a ceremony in Foshan city.
Since 2013, Guangdong province police have rewarded over 24.81 million yuan to 3,546 informants, who are reportedly informed their identities can be kept secret.
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