This 4-Year-Old Model’s Adorable Fall is Too Cute for the Catwalk

Zhang Yaoyang, a 4-year-old model from China, became an overnight online star after a video of him falling on the runway went viral.

The clip, which circulated the country’s social media platforms last week, shows Zhang on the runway during a children’s fashion show in Shanghai.

Zhang, who has been a model for two years, can be seen walking down the runway as two other child models walk towards the backstage area. It turns out that the two children were instructed to tightly hold hands as they walked the stage, according to Shanghaiist.

However, they took what they were told too seriously and forgot to let go of each other’s hands upon encountering Zhang, which caused a heart-melting collision and resulted in the most adorable fall ever.

Instead of crying like most children would do when they fall, the trio appeared to be laughing and playing.

Zhang handled an embarrassing situation very professionally.

And his reaction to it is just too cute.

While Zhang is only 4 years old, he already has more than 12,000 followers on his Weibo account, which is safe to say will grow even more after that adorable fall.

Watch the clip below:

Victoria’s Secret model Ming Xi shared Zhang’s fate when she walked down the ramp during the lingerie’s fashion show in the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai back in November — we think this one is a bit cuter though!

Images via Weibo

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