4-Year-Old Girl Rescued After Getting Leg Stuck in Revolving Door

A four-year-old girl got stuck under a revolving door in China this weekend, showing how danger can strike at any moment.

The girl was playing around the entrance of a hotel in Fuyang, Anhui province, when the incident happened, according to Shanghaiist.

Unfortunately, the girl fell and had one of her legs get stuck underneath the hotel’s revolving door, immobilizing her.

Firefighters responded and came to the rescue of the little girl. It didn’t take long before they freed her from the door’s clutches.

Adults, presumably relatives, checked her foot as soon as she was lifted from the ground.

The girl was reportedly brought to the hospital where they found minor injuries.

We’re glad this four-year-old was spared from what could have been a terrifying and unfortunate accident.

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