4-Year-Old Boy With Cancer Gets ‘Married’ to His Mother in China

4-Year-Old Boy With Cancer Gets ‘Married’ to His Mother in China4-Year-Old Boy With Cancer Gets ‘Married’ to His Mother in China
In a very touching moment, a mother “married” her 4-year-old boy who is struggling to fight cancer in the town of Xinfa in Heilongjiang Province, northeast China on Nov. 1.
Image via China Daily
The 4-year-old boy, nicknamed Baobao, took center stage with his mother and father by his side. According to China Daily, the special wedding ceremony was prepared exactly two days after his fourth birthday.
Image via China Daily
My mother is the most beautiful woman in the world and I want to be with her together forever,” said the boy, who was first diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia (ALL) two years ago.
Image via China Daily
Unfortunately, BaoBao’s condition appears to have worsened since April.
Acute lymphatic leukemia is a type of blood cancer that specifically affects the white blood cells in the bone marrow. It can then invade the bloodstream and spread to the patient’s organs, including the liver, spleen or lymph nodes.
ALL is an acute form of leukemia, which means it progresses more quickly than other types of cancer, according to WebMD. The condition could also be fatal, leading to death in just a few months if left untreated.
We really hope to attend his wedding 20 years later,” Baobao’s father said.
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