Japanese Company Makes 3D Soy Sauce Plates that Reveal Gorgeous ‘Hidden Paintings’

You can enjoy extra sophistication with your sushi because Japanese company ReDeStu has created unique sauce dishes that reveal hidden pantings when you pour soy sauce into them. 

The saucers appear to have a design engraved into the bottom.


However, the magic begins once you pour soy sauce into the dish, which then reveals an amazingly detailed image.

They are stunning.

The company is offering four designs at the moment, two of which are Japanese national symbols Mount Fuji and Itsukushima Shrine, as well as a cute kitten and puppy.

ReDeStu is offering each for only 1,080 Japanese yen ($10), Bored Panda reported.

Head over to their website to place your orders.

Images via Instagram / re_de_stu

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