Send Your Mom a $30,000 3D Printed Replica of Yourself For Mother’s Day

Finding mom the perfect gift for Mother’s Day can be a challenge. Besides, all she wants is to spend time with her children.

Thanks to Groupon, sons and daughters looking to give both can now have a life-sized replica of themselves 3D printed and personally delivered to their mothers. The downside: its $30,000 price tag.

Those who are interested in purchasing the replica must call Groupon directly to redeem it within the 90-day time frame, according to Groupon. The description from the official distributor SWIRGRO reads:

“Unlike busy adult children, life-sized 3D-printed models do not have hectic schedules. That means they’re there when Mom needs the most: all the time. And while your mom can’t claim this life-size replica of you as a dependent on her taxes, she will be able to take it to the movies, drive in the carpool lane, and tell it all about how Darlene is really more of a friend than a hairdresser.”

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