Massive 3D calico cat watches over tiny humans in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district

A massive 3D calico cat has gone viral for its ultra-realistic appearance as it playfully watches over the tiny humans walking in Shinjuku.

The details: The Tokyo cat, affectionately known as “Shinjuku Cat,” is currently taking residence on a billboard at the east exit of Shinjuku train station, according to CNN.


  • Shinjuku Cat comes to life through a 1,664 square-foot curved 4K resolution LED screen.
  • Passersby can watch the massive Shinjuku Cat from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. as it changes its activities throughout the day. It reportedly wakes up in the morning, meows audibly at people in the afternoon and lies down, before falling asleep in the evening.

It’s just a test bro: The billboard has yet to officially launch until July 12.

  • Cross Space, one of the companies behind the billboard, shares a 24-hour live stream of the Shinjuku Cat on YouTube. However, the company noted viewers might find diminished 3D effects based on the viewing angle.
  • Around 190,000 people pass by the billboard every weekday, says Cross Shinjuku Vision on its website.

3D billboards also appeared in China and South Korea last year, the former featured a spaceship docking and the latter, a contained wave.

Featured Image via Cross Space

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