Facebook Now Has More Active Users in Asia Than the U.S.

Facebook Now Has More Active Users in Asia Than the U.S.Facebook Now Has More Active Users in Asia Than the U.S.
Khier Casino
February 3, 2017
With nearly 396 million people across Asia on Facebook, the continent is now the largest region when it comes to daily active users, according to new data released Thursday by the social network.
Facebook continues to explode on the continent as the company sees a 57% spike in users over the past two years, surpassing social network usage and growth anywhere else in the world.
According to Tech in Asia, CFO David Wehner said in Facebook’s earnings conference call: “In December, 1.23 billion people used Facebook on an average day, up 189 million or 18 percent compared to last year. 1.86 billion people used Facebook during the month of December, up 269 million or 17 percent compared to last year.
Facebook’s revenue per user on the continent also went up to $2.07 during the 2016 fiscal fourth quarter, according to the company’s data.
But the social network’s Asia revenue is far lower than the revenue in Europe and the U.S., which jumped to $5.98 and $19.81 per user, respectively.
Facebook’s overall revenue, which primarily comes from online ads, reached a record high of $8.8 billion from October to December 2016.
The company’s revenue from users in Asia also doubled over the past 15 months.
Facebook’s profit topped $10.2 billion in 2016, compared to $3.7 billion in 2015.
Meanwhile, WhatsApp Messenger, which Facebook bought for $19 billion in 2014, also reached a milestone of 1.2 billion monthly active users.
50 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp every day,” said Mark Zuckerberg on the call.
As of June 2016, China also surpassed every other country in terms of the highest number of Internet users with 721,434,547 people, followed by India with 462,124,989 users and the U.S. with 286,942,362, according to Internet World Stats, citing data published by Facebook and International Telecommunications Union.
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