Chinese Fisherman Try to Smuggle $300,000 Worth of iPhones Hidden in Fish, Fail Miserably

A group of Chinese fishermen were found to be transporting more than just fish from Hong Kong into the mainland after Shenzhen border patrol officers noticed something peculiar with their “catch.”
Upon inspection, the authorities later discovered several  iPhones carefully hidden inside buckets, beneath loads of fish that they supposedly caught for the day.
The fishermen were reportedly traveling by speed boat Wednesday morning when they came across the officers on patrol who found something off and decided to inspect their boats. The officers said that the three fishermen appeared to be nervous.
According to South China Morning Post (via Shanghaiist) the authorities found 370  iPhones, models 6 and 6 plus, sealed in plastic packets and tucked under a layer of fish.
The fishermen, who claimed that they were unaware of their crime’s repercussions, said that they were being paid 1,000 yuan ($150) to smuggle the phones from Hong Kong into the mainland.
Smuggling stolen phones is a common practice in China and other parts of Asia, where they are often easier to fence. The police, who are further investigating the case, have confiscated the phones which are worth around $300,000.
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