Brave Boys Fight to Save Their Dog From Being Taken By a Massive Snake

Brave Boys Fight to Save Their Dog From Being Taken By a Massive Snake
Carl Samson
October 5, 2018
A video of three brave boys saving their pet dog from the deadly grip of a boa constrictor has gone viral on the internet.
In the video, the snake is seen wrapped around the dog’s lower body and hind legs, effectively preventing it from getting away.
An older boy uses what looks like a metal table leg to pin the reptile’s head to the ground.
Meanwhile, two younger boys hurl dried leaves at the snake in a futile attempt to loosen its grip.
The older boy manages to capture the reptile’s head shortly and brings it as far as he can from the dog.
The younger boys then rush to uncoil its body.
The dog, rolled and dragged during the struggle, whimpers at the immediate sensation of freedom.
It’s unclear when or where the video actually took place.
People praised the children for their courage and called their actions “heroic,” Sing Tao Daily noted.
The dog reportedly suffered no injuries, but the fate of the snake is unknown.
Boa constrictors are large, non-venomous snakes that ambush their preys, constrict them until the blood stops flowing to their hearts and brains, and swallow them whole.
The species is typically found in the Americas, according to Apple Daily.
Images via TikTok
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