Real-life clown car: Rickshaw crammed with 27 passengers filmed being stopped by police in India

What police in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh expected to be a normal traffic stop turned out to be a bewildering scene after 27 passengers were discovered to have ridden a single auto-rickshaw.

Traffic police reportedly began pursuing the rickshaw after seeing it speed past a local police station. After pulling over the three-wheeler, the authorities instructed its passengers to exit it. A total of 27 people got out of the vehicle.

A video of the seemingly physics-defying moment was shared on Twitter on Monday. The user who uploaded the clip mentioned that the vehicle was later seized by police.  

The video has garnered more than 8,300 views and over 250 likes since it was uploaded.

The passengers were purportedly going home after offering prayers on Eid al-Adha, also known as Bakrid, a holy festival observed by Muslims around the world.

Twitter users were left bewildered as to how the small vehicle was able to hold around nine times its maximum capacity, with one user writing, “Auto driver should be awarded.”

“That’s a mini bus not [an] auto [rickshaw],” another user commented.


Featured Image via @Benarasiyaa

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