25% of Japanese Women Have Fallen Asleep During a Date, Survey Reveals

25% of Japanese Women Have Fallen Asleep During a Date, Survey Reveals

December 6, 2017
Japanese women are apparently so tired from work that one out of four have fallen asleep on a date, according to a new survey.
Yomeishu, an herbal liqueur company, polled women between 20 and 39 years old across Japan and found that 25% fell asleep during a date. It should be noted, however, that the survey sample size was not revealed. 
Meanwhile, more than 60% reported that they couldn’t feel relaxed enough to be in a romantic relationship, The Japan Times noted.
This is not surprising in a country where working 80 or more hours a week is an unfortunate reality. Respondents blamed fatigue for their lack of interest, which they attributed to the following (via cocolini.jp):
  1. Human relationships at work – 50%
  2. Responsibilities at work – 44.5%
  3. Temperature and humidity – 35.2%
  4. Time spent at work – 30.8%
  5. Financial anxiety – 27.2%
Japan has long had a notorious reputation over labor conditions. One popular case is Miwa Sado, a journalist who died of karoshi after logging 159 hours of overtime with only two days off in a month. She died of heart failure in July 2013.
Karoshi is a widespread problem among men, too. The death of veteran anime artist Kazunori Mizuno — who worked on “Naruto” films — is believed to be one. He reportedly died while taking a nap earlier this year.
While the survey’s respondents clearly prefer the comforts of their bed over the thrill of dating, a staggering 80% expressed their interest in marriage and settling down.
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