This 20-Year-Old Used Her Tinder Profile to Find a Job and It’s Actually Working

One clever college student decided to turn to Tinder after struggling to find a job the traditional way.

Jessica Anderson, a 20-year-old international relations student, had saved enough money to move to London but faced a serious challenge after applying for over 150 jobs and getting rejected.

Anderson told Metro:

“I felt totally demotivated. Then I just thought – there are over 8 million people in London right now, a lot will be using Tinder – and maybe some of those using Tinder will know of opportunities or have contacts to help me.”

Instead of selfies, Anderson posted her résumé and cover letter as profile pictures.

In one day, Anderson received 500 messages and was tasked with sorting out the legit job offers from potential employers. Unfortunately, not all of them were professional:

Many messages were helpful but some were not. Anderson explained:

“Some guys couldn’t see anything amusing about it and went so far as to scold me for trying to use Tinder for anything other than dating.”

Anderson has so far landed interview opportunities with potential employers for internships but hasn’t found the perfect job as of yet.

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