20 Pictures That Prove the Japanese Make the Most Beautiful Candy in the World

If any country were to win the award for having the smallest and cutest things it would be Japan. The Asian country has an obsession with all things tiny and adorable especially when it comes to their delectable sweets. Some are so endearing they’re unbearable to eat!
1. Japanese people don’t eat ordinary scoops of ice cream.
2. Japanese parfaits may come in a cup like ours, but that’s the only thing that’s similar.
3. In Japan, doughnuts have ears and whiskers.
4. Japanese tarts have faces that resemble your favorite animated film characters.
5. These edible flowers look too pretty to eat.
6. Hedgehog buns — only in Japan.
7. Even Japanese puddings are in the shape of small cute animals too.   
8. Realistic flower-like goodies demonstrate their artistic mastery in making desserts.
9. Fortune cookies that predict cats in your future.
10. Beautiful lollipops that look like paintings.
11. Animal treats for humans!
12. Here’s a popular seasonal autumn leaf pastry.
13. An orange cake that you can actually peel.
14. Totoro macaroons are too cute to eat.
15. Bear-shaped fruity drinks, anyone?
16. Marshmallow cats go perfectly with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa.
17. These cookies are works of art.
18. Can your barista do this?
19. Water droplet cakes show their zen-like connection with nature.
20.  Is this a goldfish or a lollipop?
h/t: BoredPanda
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