16 Asian Proverbs That Will Make You Wise AF

1. So kinda like “you get what you pay for.”

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2. Never give up — never surrender.

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3. So Nokia phones are like the polar opposite — looks like shit but will withstand a nuclear holocaust and still be able to play caterpillar.

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4. That’s pretty deep, actually.

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5. Flat Earthers: 0, Filipinos: 1

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6. Hidden catch, or catch of the day is hiding (behind rocks)?

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7. But then it would just be a buffalo 🙁

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8. That needed like two layers of translation.

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9. Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit.

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10. Crayola people.

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11. I really, REALLY want to know the backstory behind this one.

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12. Now I feel all deflated.

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13. Aw jeez, same.

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14. Kinda depends on the person… and smile.

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15. So what was that, like 2 years ago? 30? 900? Like when did tigers give up smoking, or even start for that matter?

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16. Suddenly I’m super into gardening.

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