15 Weird Superstitions Your Asian Parents Warned You About

15 Weird Superstitions Your Asian Parents Warned You About
King Malleta
By King Malleta
January 10, 2017
Anyone who grew up with an Asian parent has probably been warned and been made to avoid certain superstitions.
Do things like clipping your nails at night will invite ghosts or giving shoes as gifts to your significant other is bad luck ring a bell?
China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other Asian countries have many popular beliefs, customs, and superstitions that have been passed on from one generation to the other. Each may have their own merits and demerits, but as most Asian people say, there is probably nothing wrong in following some of them even though it’s 2017.
Besides, pleasing your Asian mom (not to mention, stop her from nagging), avoiding and following some may actually bring you good luck.
Open all windows of the house during New Year so that good luck and prosperity will enter your home.
Wearing a moustache is considered bad luck.
If you are entering your hotel room the first time, knock first to let the spirits know you are coming in.
Hide your thumb when a funeral car passes by. Thumb in Japanese is “oyayubi” which translates to parent finger. It is believed that if you don’t hide your thumb when a funeral car passes by, your parents will die young.
Don’t whistle at night because it will attract burglars and snakes into your home. In ancient times, whistling is considered a way for burglars and criminals to communicate.
Stepping on the border or a tatami mat is a big No-No because most tatami borders have family emblems on them. Stepping on the border is like “stepping on your parent’s head” which brings bad luck.
Don’t leave your home when you hear a gecko. It is believed that the lizard is sending a “warning” about something bad that might happen to you.
If you bend down and look between your legs, you will see a ghost.
If you are sharing food with friends and you get the last piece, it is believed that you will get a good looking girlfriend or boyfriend.
A person who pays his/her debts at night will become poor.
When you find a coin on the street, pick it and put it inside your wallet because it will bring you prosperity for that year.
Never take pictures in groups of three because the person in the middle would die first.
Don’t sit on books because it leads to stupidity.
Don’t allow your plate to dry up after eating because doing so will “dry out” your food supply.
Don’t shake your legs uncontrollably because you will shake away wealth and prosperity
Well, whether you grew up with these superstitions or not, the choice to believe them superstitions is still up to you. So go ahead and take your chances. In the worst case scenario, if you end up disobeying, you’ll encounter an angry “bad spirit” in the form of your Asian mom – which by the way is a lot scarier.
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