14-Year-Old Extorts $28,000 From Teacher After Sexual Affair

14-Year-Old Extorts $28,000 From Teacher After Sexual Affair14-Year-Old Extorts $28,000 From Teacher After Sexual Affair
A 14-year-old student allegedly extorted thousands of dollars from a Dallas school teacher by threatening to expose their sexual affair to the cops.  
 Texas teacher Sandy Doan is facing charges as it was discovered that she had a year-long sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student. In the court documents, the teacher admitted to sending nude images and engaging in explicit text messages with the student, CBS DFW Local said.
Furthermore, it was also revealed that the two began their sexual relationship in the summer of 2015. The court documents stated that Doan and the student had several more encounters between November to December of 2015.
However, the plot gets thicker as it was found out that the 14-year-old teenager used what had happened to his advantage.
The police reported that the student started extorting money from his teacher, which his mother started to notice. According to the boy’s uncle, his nephew would call his teacher to ask for money and would blackmail her by saying he would “start getting the pics and everything ready to show the cops.”
The mother of a 14-year-old student from Quintanilla Middle School in Dallas Texas went to the principal to ask help. She revealed that her son had been blackmailing and extorting money from a 27-year-old teacher whom he had sex with.
The student extorted roughly around $28,000 from Doan and used the money for alcohol and drugs, ABC 7 Chicago stated.
While the teacher was arrested on Friday for sexual assault, it is unlikely that the teenager will face any criminal charges.
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