13-Year-Old Caught Groping Women on Subway, Gets Turned in By His Own Father

Puberty has so far not been good to one 13-year-old in China who apparently couldn’t control his urges in the subway.

Last week, a young boy was spotted running around, groping women and touching himself in the Nanjing Metro. The boy had reportedly groped at least five women at the Xinjiekou Station.

One Weibo user diligently snapped and uploaded the photos while failing to put their phone down and actually stop the kid. For the internet, it was just another subway groper, albeit a really young one.

A few days later, however, news hit Weibo that the kid, a 13-year-old surnamed Ding, was turned in to the police by none other than his own father. His excuse? Ding had just begun puberty.

Netizens began to praise the father online for teaching his son a hard lesson. Afterall, in parenting, it’s often the hardest decisions that are the right decisions.

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