12-Year-Old Indian Girl Raped By Principal and Three Teachers

12-Year-Old Indian Girl Raped By Principal and Three Teachers
King Malleta
January 18, 2017
A disturbing news of a 12-year-old Indian girl who was gang-raped at a school in Jehanabad, India caused an uproar from the public.
According to NDTV website, a distressed mother reported the case of her daughter who was allegedly gang-raped by Kako Secondary School’s principal and three other teachers.
A rape charge was already filed by the girl’s mother who apparently is a Physical Education teacher at the school. The mother said that the assault took place when her daughter found herself alone in the school building.
“She is my only child,” the heartbroken mother said.
The girl’s mother was busy teaching when the incident happened. She added that she takes her daughter to school because no one would take care of her when she is working, especially since the 12-year-old is not “mentally sound.”
Sub-Divisional Police Officer P K Srivastava said that offense happened on Sunday, commonly a free day from school. However, the principal ordered Sunday to be a working day and declared no classes on Friday.
The mother said that she spotted her daughter on the roof of the school building in a “disheveled” state. After she was found, the 12-year-old then narrated what happened to her, Indian Express noted.
“When I did not find her for some time, I started looking for her and reached the rooftop. She was found in a bad condition there,” she said.
At present, the suspects principal Aju Ahmad and teachers Atul Rehman, Mohammed Shaukat, and Abdul Bari are being hunted down.
Even in this day and age, frequency of rape cases in India shows no sign of resolutio despite the numerous public demonstrations and changes in legislation.
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