12-year-old Boy Quits School to Care For Dying Mom and Raise Money For Treatment

12-year-old Boy Quits School to Care For Dying Mom and Raise Money For Treatment12-year-old Boy Quits School to Care For Dying Mom and Raise Money For Treatment
Gu Guang Zhao, a 12-year-old boy from Henan, China, quit attending his school earlier in October to help his severely ill mother at home and to raise money for her kidney transplant
After learning that his 40-year-old mother is slowly dying due to kidney failure, Gu wrote to his teacher earlier last month if he could stop going to school to help his mother, according to Chinese media via AsiaOne. Gu, who was a top student in school with many awards under his belt for his academic achievements, began working at a very young age to help raise money for his mother’s operation. As said on the reports, the estimated amount that he had to raise was 500,000 yuan (US$75,578). Unfortunately, the family’s saving has already been tapped out due to his mother’s daily dialysis needs, even incurring a 100,000 yuan (US$15,115) debt. But despite these problems, Gu still worked hard for his mother.
His father left his job three years ago as a construction worker when he discovered his wife has uremia, a severe complication in the kidneys when urea and other waste products begin to build up, which could become life threatening as it is toxic to the body when left untreated. The father and son worked together as peanut harvesters to raise money for the operation. Aside from working, Gu is also helping with household chores so that his mother could focus on getting better.
After hearing his sad story, many Chinese netizens praised the boy’s filial piety and were touched by his unconditional love; so much so that many donated to help him raise the money his family needed for the operation. According to an online fundraising page, more than 500,000 yuan has already been raised for her operation in Henan Medical University.
Gu is such a good kid that he even told his mother he made a list of all of the people who helped them and said that he will repay their kindness in one way or another when he grows up.
Featured images: Tencent News via AsiaOne
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