12 Epic and Hilarious Red Envelopes People Received For Lunar New Year

12 Epic and Hilarious Red Envelopes People Received For Lunar New Year
Carl Samson
February 7, 2019
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These little red packets go by different names — hóng bāo in Mandarin, lai see in Cantonese and âng pau in Hokkien — but they all share common purposes of bringing good luck and warding off evil spirits.
For those who may not know, red envelopes are filled with cash, the amount of which varies depending on the occasion (they are also given during weddings). However, it typically ends with an even digit as odd numbers are traditionally associated with funerals.
Interestingly, people have been sending next-level red envelope gifts for some time, and this Lunar New Year is no exception!
Check out the most epic and hilarious gifts people received this year:

1. “Nice.”

Image via Facebook / Álvaro Leung‎


Image via Facebook / Amanda Yuan

3. When your friend is low on cash…

Image via Facebook / Chi Nguyen

4. Yep.

Image via Facebook / Josh Hwang

5. WOW

Image via Facebook / Yeo Tze Hern‎

6. Not sure what’s inside this, but we get the message.

Image via Facebook / John Psd

7. “This is what happens if y’all forget to take your red envelopes out before the clothes get washed.” Yikes. #lessonlearned

Image via Facebook / Samuel Truong

8. “wtf whats wrong w my mother” + “THE HUMILIATION”

Image via Twitter / jiminscafe

9. “The only red envelope I got this year 🤨” #animefansgetthis

Image via Twitter / yvonnieng

10. “Don’t just assume when you get a thicc one…”

Image via Facebook / Jason Tsai

11. “The only #RedEnvelope I got this year … Heck, I’ll take it!”

Image via Instagram / foxjhw

12. “Pinnacle of red envelopes.” LOL if you get why.

Image via Facebook / Benson Huang
Image via Facebook / Benson Huang
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