11 Times Asians Proved They Were 100 Years Ahead of the Rest of the World

Asians have proven themselves to be the most over-achieving group of people in the world but our talents aren’t limited to just tech and academics. Our tiger moms have taught us to be the best at everything so that’s exactly what we’re out here trying to do. Here are 10 times Asians proved they were at least 100 years ahead of the rest of the world.

1. This incredible shower hack


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Hahahah no shower no problem. 😂😂

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Why hasn’t anyone else ever thought of this?

2. We waste no time when it comes to serving food

Because more time waiting for the servers to put down all of your food means less time actually digging in and who wants that?

3. We’ve mastered the art of cat fishing

We’ve evolved past contouring a long time ago, it’s time for a new age of makeup transformations.

4. Chopsticks for everything


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Chopsticks skills level over 9000 🥢 creds – @esafung @cantomando

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Because why the hell would you want to get your fingers covered in crumbs reaching into a bag of chips?

5. We’re scary good at the claw machine


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LOL!!! How come I never thought of that 😂😂 Follow @ricefeed

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No, I’m serious. It doesn’t even end there.

It’s almost unfair how good we are at this stuff.

6. We’ve moved past the cartoonish heart hand symbols and come up with an anatomically correct version


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Come on now, it’s 2018. Keep up.

7. We take our shoes off before entering the house


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Barbies?! All I did as a kid was math

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Because why wouldn’t you? Shoes in the house = more germs, it’s not rocket science people.

8. We’re just as smart at procrastinating as we are at working


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This is me at work and school 😂😂 Alt+Tab master ✌️✌️

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No one can stop us.

9. This brilliant phone charging hack


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Mans from another planet 😂😂

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This guy is living in 2050 while we’re still here in 2018.

10. That one time Korea came up with this genius banana idea


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why r Koreans so ahead of us

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You probably won’t see this in America any time soon…

11. We’ve got child psychology figured out down to a tee

Using fear to teach valuable lessons without actually laying a finger on your child. Absolute genius.

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