11 Reasons Why Finn Jones From ‘Iron Fist’ is a Better Asian Than You

11 Reasons Why Finn Jones From ‘Iron Fist’ is a Better Asian Than You11 Reasons Why Finn Jones From ‘Iron Fist’ is a Better Asian Than You
Max Chang
March 20, 2017
Last week, Netflix’s controversial ‘Iron Fist’ opened to generally disappointing reviews. However, there’s something that becomes very apparent after watching the series that everyone, including Asians, clearly missed: Finn Jones’ Danny Rand is pretty much the perfect Asian.
Here’s why (semi-spoiler alert):
1. He was punished severely as a kid by his elders — a prerequisite for all Asian kids.
2. Like every good Asian, he knows the importance of discipline and respect…
… And like a Tiger mom, he will swiftly correct any of his grasshoppers who step out of line.
3. He bows to say thank you and show respect, a dead giveaway that he’s a classy Asian.
And look! No shoes indoors!
4. As an Asian man, he knows that speaking Mandarin to woo an Asian woman is the equivalent of a mating call.
5. And of course, his Asian charms land him an Asian girlfriend almost right away.
6. He knows origami, a legitimate Asian skill.
7. He is a Kung Fu master, probably way better than Bruce Lee, of course.
Suit and sneakers? His costume is also the GQ version of Bruce Lee’s yellow jumpsuit.
8. He can drive a car…
…Until he crashes it soon after.
9. He’s homies with local Chinese triads — Asians have to stick together, after all.
10. He prays to Buddha before every meal. I mean, that’s so old school right there. When’s the last time you prayed to Buddha?!
11. His meditation game is strong AF. There just aren’t too many Asians like Finn Jones these days who appreciate the benefits of meditation.
Thank you for all you do Finn Jones. You are a true master at Asianing.
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