11 Photos Asians Know All Too Well During the Holidays

11 Photos Asians Know All Too Well During the Holidays
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
December 22, 2017

The holidays are coming and if you’re Asian, you know what time it is!

Time for an endless amount of shoes outside the door!

Time for all the moms, aunties, and grandmas to prepare some epic food in the kitchen.

Time for the awkward conversations!


Don’t forget the Henny, Beer, the Wine, etc. Which is better, Heineken or Corona?

Of course, you can’t forget the mahjong tables!

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Joe Mabel (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Some of you will probably battle it out over poker and card games. Big 2, anyone?

Others will sing their hearts out via Karaoke to Boys II Men, All 4 One, Brian McKnight, Michael Bolton, or a popular song from the motherland.

If you’re married, you might be find yourself passing these red envelopes out to the kids.


If you’re a kid, you’ll might be stuck at the kids table.

Followed by an epic sleepover with all your cousins.

But overall, no matter what you do, we all know that it’s the food and good times everyone is looking forward to. What’s your favorite dish?

Happy Holidays, from all of us at NextShark! Be sure to stay warm! Because…

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