11 Gifts Even Your Strict Asian Parents Would Actually Want 

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Shopping for your parents is no easy task. You probably know them better than anyone else in the world, but somehow it’s intrinsically difficult to find them something that they’d actually like. They tell you that they don’t want anything. They tell you not to waste your money. But if you don’t get them anything — oh boy — they won’t forget that. If your mother and father are fashionable parents, click here to find out more of great trendy clothing you can give them.

Here also are some crowd-pleasers that even the strictest of Asian parents would like!

1. Shiatsu Foot Massager 

Okay, what adult doesn’t like a massage? Especially one you can get in the comfort of your own home, whenever you want! AND, no need for tipping.

2. Good Grades

Admittedly this one is more like a requirement than a gift. All parents love a good report card! Show ’em those As and numbers — 4.00.

3. See’s Candy

It’s an undisputed fact that Asian relatives LOVE See’s Candy. It might be more of a West Coast thing, but bringing a box of See’s Candy to a relative’s event can instantly put your host in a good mood. You can’t go wrong with Nuts and Chew or Assorted.

4. Helping With Paperwork


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Long jargon-filled stacks of documents and forms might not be your parent’s (or anyone’s) strong suit. Ask them if there’s anything they need help with and be patient and kind. It’ll be a labor of love, trust us.

5. Lots of HeatTech and Puffer Jackets


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Parents love their layers! Why turn on the heat when you can stay warm by putting on layers?! A nice puffy jacket is great for braving the chill outside.

6. Things With Photos Of You


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Parents absolutely adore things with your photos printed on them! Especially monumental moments that make them feel proud, like your graduation. Delight your parents with framed photos, canvas prints, or some desk decor!

7. A Pet (Disclaimer: They will be mad at first)


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No matter how many times your parents may have told you “no pets” while you were growing up, the truth of the matter is that they love pets! Who doesn’t love a good fur baby? They will probably be really mad at first. Like furiously mad. But their hearts will grow three times bigger, like the Grinch!

8. Home Surveillance Camera 

A home surveillance camera is a great present to help give your parents peace of mind. Having a camera that they can look through with their phones helps them feel safer. A doorbell camera is a great way to monitor deliveries and avoid unwanted solicitors. Although, they’ll probably be able to see what time you actually come home.

9. An Automatic Trash Can

Something that comes with age is learning that you need a good trash can. Something that conceals that putrid trashy smell. Something that pets can’t get into. Something that screams, “this is a classy kitchen!” You can’t go wrong with a sturdy, motion sensor trash can.

10. Microfiber Mopping Slippers 

These sensible slippers mop the floor as you walk!

11. Straight-Up Cash


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Well, if they’re really really picky, you could just put the cash directly in a red envelope. Everyone wins.


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