10,000 Ducks Crossing the Road Causes Pleasant Traffic Jam in China

You don’t see thousands of ducks cross a street every day, so maybe it’s a nice thing to do to just let them when they have to.

That’s exactly what drivers and pedestrians did when more than 10,000 ducks crossed one street in east China’s Zhejiang province.

In a YouTube clip posted by People’s Daily, the adorable birds are seen crossing a pedestrian lane in an orderly fashion.

No one dared to stop their march.

Amused humans took the liberty to capture the scene as they waited for the ducks to do their business.

The ducks apparently caused some traffic as seen in the footage. Cars, motors and trucks waited patiently.

Interestingly, the last duck on the line flapped its wings, seemingly giving humans a go-signal.

We can’t really call their collective behavior talent, but kudos to them for knowing where it’s right to cross the street. It seems birds always have their ways to entertain us.

Check out the scene below:

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