10-Year-Old Raped in India Who Was Denied Abortion Gives Birth via C-Section

10-Year-Old Raped in India Who Was Denied Abortion Gives Birth via C-Section

August 18, 2017
A 10-year-old Indian girl who was raped and subsequently denied an abortion has recently given birth to a baby girl.
The underage victim delivered the baby on Thursday via c-section, according to The New York Times. The unnamed girl, while under anesthesia, was not informed about the delivery; instead, she was told that she would be undergoing surgery to remove a kidney stone. She is reportedly doing well and in good health, all things considered.
The baby was deemed premature and only weighed 2.2 kg (4.8 lbs), BBC reported. She was delivered in a hospital in Chandigarh, in northern India, at 9:22 India time (3:52 GMT).
Neither the girl nor the family saw the newborn baby; Dr. Dasari Harish, head of the delivery team, further added that the family doesn’t want anything to do with the baby. She will remain in the hospital’s neo-natal Intensive Care Unit for a few days before the hospital puts her up for adoption.
The girl was admitted in the hospital one week before delivery. While not unheard of, deliveries at such a young age are rare and pose tremendous risk to the mother; as such, she was heavily monitored by a large team of specialists, including three gynecologists, two pediatricians, two psychologists, a dietitian, and a cardiologist.
The 10-year-old originally became pregnant after being raped repeatedly by an uncle, who is now in jail and is awaiting trial. The Indian Supreme Court heard the family’s plea for an abortion, but a medical panel deemed the procedure to be life-threatening to the girl, forcing the court to deny the termination of pregnancy.
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