10 Types of Entrepreneurs You Are Bound to Meet At Some Point

10 Types of Entrepreneurs You Are Bound to Meet At Some Point10 Types of Entrepreneurs You Are Bound to Meet At Some Point
You walk into a networking event full of young entrepreneurs- each one has their own business ideas, passion and motives. Of course you only want to network with the winners, but how do you pick them out? These are the ten kinds of entrepreneurs you are bound to run in to when you are climbing the ladder to the top. Which one are you?
1. The Self-Promoter
These types of entrepreneurs are great at promoting themselves and how awesome THEY are, but nothing else. You see them at networking events all the time- they are the name droppers who live vicariously through stories of other people as if they were their own.  They are actually great marketers if you can get past their pretentiousness.
2. The Wantrepreneur
These are the “entrepreneurs” who love to talk about their great ideas, they day dream about their plans to make millions, but nothing goes past talking about it. The spark of hard work and the determination to actually “do” are all but lost to them. These guys are going nowhere.
3. The Druggie
Their startup ideas and strategies are all drug fueled- nootropics, stimulants, depressants, they know it all. The Wolf of Wall Street was the movie version of their dream life.  They are damn brilliant, just really out there, and nobody knows how they actually do their jobs high all the time.
4. The Trust Fund Entrepreneur
These are rich kids living off of their parents hard earned wealth, scheming to be entrepreneurs but are really  just throwing around money. They really don’t know what they are doing, nor do they really care. They will strive all their entire lives to turn that $500,000 trust fund into a whopping $550,000 trust fund- if they are lucky.
5.The Hustler-preneur
They are the most street smart entrepreneurs out there. Their hustler mentality can’t be taught in any university and their accomplishments prove that you don’t need a college degree to be successful. These are the Jay-Zs or John Paul DeJorias of the world. They get the success but also the reputation of being a hustler for the rest of their lives.
6. The Tech-Geeks
These are the mechanical engineering and computer science majors of the entrepreneur world. All they know is has to do with science and the technical side of things, but what they have in math and coding skills, they lack in business management skills. These are the hard workers business savvy entrepreneurs love to partner up with.
7. The Fail-preneur
These are the biggest complainers who are terrible at their jobs. They never give up, but sometimes we really wish they would. The most ironic thing? Once they learn to stop complaining and learn from their mistakes, their persistence will probably make them a pretty successful entrepreneur one day. As Sir Richard Branson once said:

“Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.”

8. The Student Entrepreneur
They get younger every year. It used to be that young entrepreneurs were in their early twenties, then startups started popping off among college undergrads, and now there are high school entrepreneurs? High schooler Eddy Zhong launched his tech startup with no funding, 16-year-old Chase Reed launched his sneaker startup in the heart of Harlem, Maya Penn was hosting TED Talks at 13, and Michael Sayman was only 12 when he taught himself to code. What have you done with your life so far?
9. The Money Whore
Stories of apps like Snapchat being offered several billion dollars make them wet. Their focus is so much on the money, making it big and landing that six-digit VC investment that they are almost sure to fail. They might have skills, but their heart is totally in the wrong place and they are guaranteed to fail.
10. Environmentalist Entrepreneur
They do it for the love of the planet. They want to help people, save animals, and solve the pollution crisis- they don’t care about the money. We sometimes wish these kinds of entrepreneurs were more successful, but they are the nice guys of the entrepreneur world, and as the saying goes, nice guys always finish last. Planet Earth needs an environmental hustler in this case.
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