10 Fit AF Asian Guys You Need To Start Following On Instagram

10 Fit AF Asian Guys You Need To Start Following On Instagram

December 18, 2017
2017 sucked. For everyone. But that horrible year is almost over and 2018 is just around the corner. 
Thank God.
Speaking of a new year, that means it’s time for new year’s resolutions — you know, those things where you make a promise to yourself that you’re going to be better than you were last year? Where you tell yourself you’re going to go to the gym every day but like stop after three weeks because that fit life just didn’t choose you?
Well, that may have been last year, but it won’t be 2018. You know why? Because these 10 fit AF guys are going to give you all the motivation you’ll ever need.

YAU SEN LAY / BRENDAN (@ysl_one)

via Instagram / ysl_one
Yau Sen Lay, who goes by Brendan, hails from the United Kingdom. He’s been promoting his natural bodybuilding journey since 2015 and has been vegan since July of this year. In addition to posting about his fitness regimen, he also features a lot of fashion shots around London. Currently, he’s hibernating for the winter, but scrolling through his photos are sure to give you inspiration until he comes back!
via Instagram / ysl_one

MIN Q LEE (@teacher.lee)

via Instagram / teacher.lee
Meet the hottest teacher in South Korea! Lee made headlines earlier this year due to his fit physique, and thousands flocked to his Instagram page to see if they could become teacher’s pet. After school, Lee likes to participate in bodybuilding competitions and travel the world. When he’s not shirtless, he’s often dressed up in a dapper suit and offers advice on how to get the gains he’s gotten.
via Instagram / teacher.lee


via Instagram / hoangfit
Hoang, a Houston-based YouTuber, has come a long way since the beginning of his fitness journey eight years ago. Now he’s an online fitness coach offering his services to anyone who needs a little help getting in shape. He’s also competed in several bodybuilding competitions over the years, consistently placing in the top three every year since 2012. Right now he’s currently enjoying the engaged life with his fiancée, Jess.

PAUL LEE (@noblesse_lee)

via Instagram / noblesse_lee
Lee, a student at UC Berkeley, originates from Seoul, South Korea. He’s currently enjoying student life while competing in bodybuilding competitions and working out like crazy. Although he enjoys natural bodybuilding, he also takes the time to travel, party, and enjoy life. His Instagram is full of good food and great company, but he also posts a lot about his workout routines and diet.

CHUAN DO TAN (@chuando_chuandoandfrey)

via Instagram / chuando_chuandoandfrey
Remember this guy? He made headlines last year because this fit photographer is actually 50 years old! Insane, right? In addition to his consistent workouts, Tan has also discussed his diet, which includes berries in the morning, protein shakes and eggs after the gym, and chicken and some carbs after his second gym session of the day. He also likes to sneak some sweets in there after a long, exhausting day, like durians.
via Instagram / chuando_chuandoandfrey

KEVIN LO (@kevindlo)

via Instagram / kevindlo
If you’re not following Lo already, you’re seriously missing out. Lo posts crazy workout photos where he’s doing intense stunts and jumps, and his YouTube channel features in-depth looks about his routines. He also uploads a lot of car videos, including ones where he’s jumping over them like some madman, so there’s a little something for everyone on his channel.

TERRENCE TEO (@terrenceteo7)

via Instagram / terrenceteo7
Hailing from Malaysia, Teo, a Musclemania® Physique Pro World Champion, is an online physique coach, motivational coach, model, and self-professed binge eater who is “loving life”. “I give 100% to my training, diet and mental focus,” Teo says on his FaceBook page. “I sacrifice for my goals and dreams because I know there is no other way.”

HWANG CHUL SOON (@chul_soon)

via Instagram / chul_soon
The man. The myth. The legend himself. The one and only: Chul Soon. This guy is an absolute beast! The 2015, 2016 Musclemania Universe Pro Champion and 2012, 2016 Musclemania World Pro Champion has absolutely massive muscles, and his instagram is literally bursting with them. Although a lot of his posts are of him travelling and seeing the world, he still uploads plenty about his diet and exercise.

PRESTON SIN (@pressonpreston)

via Instagram / pressonpreston
Sin, who comes from Singapore, is an online coach who loves helping people on their physique transformations. Not only does he post a lot of photos about his fitness regimen, he also uploads a lot of helpful diet tips for followers to scroll through. His graphic design on his content really sets his page apart from the rest, and you can see his dedication to exercise on each and every post.

STEVEN WILLIAMS (@mbsworkout)

via Instagram / mbsworkout
Damn, this guy is built like a truck! Williams is the CEO/Founder of Tranzlabs and an international fitness model based in both Toronto and Miami. His Instagram is full of posts about his incredible physique and exercise tips, but he also includes funny captions with each image or video. Additionally, he takes the time to post inspirational quotes, and he absolutely oozes confidence (which can be infectious!).
How’s that for #fitspo? Just follow these guys and their leads and you’ll be fit AF like them in no time!
Featured Image via Instagram / (Left): mbsworkout | (Right): kevindlo
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