10% of Chinese College Girls Have Gotten Pregnant At Least Once, Survey Reveals

10% of Chinese College Girls Have Gotten Pregnant At Least Once, Survey Reveals
Editorial Staff
September 28, 2016
One in 10 female university students in China has been pregnant at least once, a recent survey has found.
Conducted in 2015, the survey polled 18,000 college students in about 130 universities across the country, China News reported. Sixty percent of the respondents were females.
The results, compiled and published by China Family Planning Association on Monday, revealed that about 15% of females had a sexual experience, while 28% of males reported the same.
Ten percent of females who had sexual intercourse admitted to getting pregnant at least once. Meanwhile, 3.2% reported having multiple pregnancies.
Among those who had sexual intercourse, 83.2% chose condoms as their preferred contraceptive method, and over 60% reported using condoms for their latest experience. On the contrary, 16.4% reported never using any kind of contraceptive method.
Another survey that polled 12,000 college students in Xi’an Jiaotong University found over 31% had premarital sex, but only 21.8% knew how to use condoms properly.
Interestingly, 90.3% of respondents from Monday’s report expressed not wanting to have children before finishing college.
China’s Health and Family Planning Commission has begun handing out leaflets that promote long-acting reversible contraception methods. This appears to be a good measure to counter the country’s high abortion rate, which, according to Time, counts over 13 million cases each year.
Liu Liqing of reproductive health charity Marie Stopes said:
“Previously, government-supported contraceptives in China had not been well promoted among unmarried people. It is very encouraging.”
She added:
“As statistics showed that the number of young people who had premarital sex in China has increased in recent years, helping them to prevent unwanted pregnancy is very important.”
Perhaps this is another reason China is in desperate need of modern sex education in schools.
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