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Think Your Business Card is Cool? Check Out These Creative Designs

As an entrepreneur looking to really stand out, a creative business card is an absolute necessity. Where some print their boring, one sided business cards on cheap card stock with some lame logo, you want to go the extra mile to make people remember you, to let them know you are damn creative, and to […]


The 5 Most Popular Questions Aspiring Entrepreneurs Ask

A few months into investment banking in New York, I stumbled on an idea and decided to quit my job to pursue it immediately. I wasn’t able to afford my rent anymore, so I moved in with my co-founders into a tiny apartment and we started our adventure. It’s only been a year, but I’ve […]


This is What a Venture Capitalist Thinks About When You Pitch Your Company

As an entrepreneur, landing a deal with a venture capitalist is both exciting and incredibly difficult; in the simplest terms, you pitch your business plan and receive the almighty investment or you get an easy “no thank you.” But what if you could get inside an investor’s head and understand exactly what they are looking for? […]


The 3 Best Ways To Protect Yourself as a Contract Employee

Editors note: The following post should NOT be taken as legal advice at all. If you’re looking for legal advice, you will need to hire a licensed attorney. Startups (and many other businesses starting out) tend to hire contract employees to help grow their brand. They do this to protect themselves from heavy liabilities so […]

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7 Game of Thrones Quotes Every Entrepreneur Needs to Hear

There aren’t many shows today as epic as HBO’s Game of Thrones. The premise of the show is that families fight for power and survival in the most deadly of games using all possible angles. For an entrepreneur, the fight for success in growing a startup isn’t much different- one has to play every angle […]

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Payal Kadakia: How She Turned Her Love of Dancing Into a Startup Venture

Every successful entrepreneur should be inspired by art in some way; the aspect of creativity is essential for staying ahead of the market. For a bright female entrepreneur like Payal Kadakia, who has danced all her life, the art she loves is the market, and continues to serve as an inspiration and stress reliever within […]

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P. Diddy: Top 5 Lessons Crucial For Success

Rapper and Entrepreneur P. Diddy (or is it Puff Daddy now?) recently gave a quick interview for Forbes on the advice he has for young entrepreneurs. The discussion is quite fascinating and there were a few gold nuggets everyone can take away from it. Without further adieu, here are five tips crucial for success from […]


Here’s Why Stanford Startups are Better Than MIT Startups

When you are talking about the best strategy for your startup, there are only two ways to go- strong marketing or mind-blowing technology. If you are an amazing marketer, then you can sell anything. But if the technology is absolutely brilliant, the product can simply sell itself. But which route is better? It’s between Stanford […]


8 Reasons Why Clinkle’s Lucas Duplan is the Worst Startup Founder Ever

The picture above says it all, but if you want to find out exactly how this Stanford kid raised $30 million for his startup Clinkle and became the ring leader for one of Silicon Valley’s biggest fails, then keep reading. If you don’t know what Clinkle is, it’s a mysterious payment app kept so secret, […]

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NYC’s Most Infamous Socialite Reveals How to Network With the Elite

Being able to meet the right people can be a huge factor for success. Unless you become well known, people will always prefer to work with people they already know or through referrals. Rapport is a powerful thing and builds trust. That is how New York socialite Justin Ross Lee has been able to network […]

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