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Here’s Why Stanford Startups are Better Than MIT Startups

When you are talking about the best strategy for your startup, there are only two ways to go- strong marketing or mind-blowing technology. If you are an amazing marketer, then you can sell anything. But if the technology is absolutely brilliant, the product can simply sell itself. But which route is better? It’s between Stanford […]


8 Reasons Why Clinkle’s Lucas Duplan is the Worst Startup Founder Ever

The picture above says it all, but if you want to find out exactly how this Stanford kid raised $30 million for his startup Clinkle and became the ring leader for one of Silicon Valley’s biggest fails, then keep reading. If you don’t know what Clinkle is, it’s a mysterious payment app kept so secret, […]

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NYC’s Most Infamous Socialite Reveals How to Network With the Elite

Being able to meet the right people can be a huge factor for success. Unless you become well known, people will always prefer to work with people they already know or through referrals. Rapport is a powerful thing and builds trust. That is how New York socialite Justin Ross Lee has been able to network […]

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This College Student is Mining Bitcoins in His Dorm Room — The Cheap Way

Nothing in the tech world confuses us as much as Bitcoin it seems. What we do know about it is that it’s volatile and it can be worth a ton of money, but we hardly understand where it comes from, who invented it apparently, or what it is past being a crypto-currency- even that term […]


3 Reasons Why it Sucks to Be A Female Startup CEO, and 3 Reasons Why it’s Awesome

What is it like to be a female in tech? I think the industry is really curious about this topic — almost so much so that we appear committed to proving how different (or perhaps difficult) it is to be a female CEO. If a reporter asks me why it sucks to be a female CEO, I […]


20 Reasons Why You Are Still Not Successful

Success is something that I’d like to believe most people strive for in life. However, it is known as something that’s not easily achievable. Some speculate that it takes hard work and many failed attempts until you reach that pivotal point of success. After after spending so much time and “blood and sweat,” some of […]

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This is How 8 Entrepreneurs Came Up With Their Game Changing Startup Idea

Whether it’s closing a round of funding or an acquisition, we always hear about the successes of startups. However, we rarely hear about their beginnings. No, I don’t mean how they launched, but the very start of how the idea of some of today’s hottest startups were conceived. With that being said, here are eight […]


4 Ways You Can Be a Transformational Leader Like Oprah

Successfully growing a company takes a skilled leader, but the ability to motivate your entire team of employees takes a great leader. The majority of future leaders aim to learn their business skills from the best programs in institutions like the Ivy Leagues, but another set of leaders are looking to teach how to lead […]

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The 7 Things Successful People Never Say

You want to be successful. Everyone does. But your actual words might be undermining your chances of success. The things you say in the office, no matter how innocuous they seem to you, might be knocking you down the career ladder and putting the top position you dream about out of reach. Your career is […]


How This Entrepreneur’s Startup is Making Bank Off the Cannabis Industry – Legally

This year we saw the first legalization of recreational marijuana in the states of Colorado and Oregon. For stoners everywhere, it meant that they could get their hands on that sticky green legally. For entrepreneurs, the emergence of the new industry meant the opportunity for a different kind of green- the kind that goes into […]