There’s a Terrifying Side-Effect For Guys Who Wear Man Buns, Dermatologist Reveals

By Laura Dang - Sep 23, 2015

Guys with man buns beware! The fashionable updo among hipsters has an unsightly side-effect called traction alopecia that can cause … Continue reading


CEO Douche Who Jacked Up the Price of HIV/Cancer Drug is More Evil Than We Thought

By Max Chang - Sep 22, 2015

Martin Shkreli, the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals who infamously purchased the rights to a life-saving cancer and HIV medication before … Continue reading


These are the Habits of Highly Successful Sleepers

By Editorial Staff - Sep 15, 2015

(click to enlarge) Many people who suffer from poor sleep aren’t aware that factors under their control may be contributing to their … Continue reading


Here’s What Happened When Six Guys Ate Pizza and Burgers for One Week

By Riley Schatzle - Sep 15, 2015

Eating two and a half times more calories than the recommended daily allowance regularly will undoubtedly lead to obesity, but … Continue reading


This is the World’s Largest Air Purifier Which Uses Pollution to Create Jewelry

By Riley Schatzle - Sep 11, 2015

The largest air purifier ever built was unveiled last month, and it is transforming harmful dust particles into elegant gemstones. … Continue reading


Fat-Shaming YouTuber Gets Fired From Role in Movie About Bullying

By Riley Schatzle - Sep 10, 2015

Canadian actress and Youtuber Nicole Arbour’s viral video “Dear Fat People,” which critics have labeled as “fat shaming,” has reportedly … Continue reading


One Video Perfectly Sums Up How Dumb Texting and Driving Is

By Riley Schatzle - Sep 10, 2015

In 2012, a video of Belgian student drivers screaming in frustration over the difficulty of controlling a vehicle while messaging … Continue reading


Your Parents Were Wrong: Science Reveals Why You Shouldn’t Make Your Bed in the Morning

By Laura Dang - Sep 9, 2015

Science has goods news for people who are considered slobs for not making their beds. As awful as it may … Continue reading


Two Day Care Employees Charged for Running a Fight Club with 4-Year-Olds

By Max Chang - Sep 2, 2015

There are many ways to constructively pass the time when your job may be boring, but hosting a fight club … Continue reading


Chipotle Accused of Lying About Their GMO-Free Ingredients, Lawsuit Reveals

By Sebastian Dillon - Sep 2, 2015

Chipotle’s recent announcement that their menu ingredients were GMO-free had many of us blissfully stuffing our faces with calorie-packed, food … Continue reading