These UberX Passengers Were Expecting a Lame Car But Were Shocked at What Arrived Instead

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Uber Hired Sex Offenders, a Kidnapper and a Convicted Murderer, Lawsuit Reveals

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Three Uber Drivers Arrested in Police Sting For Giving Rides to Women

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Here’s How Much Uber and Lyft Drivers Earn Per Ride Across Major Cities in the U.S.

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Uber CEO Promises to Buy 500,000 Self-Driving Teslas If They Can Finish Them By 2020

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Google Fires Shots at Uber and Lyft With RideWith App

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Two Uber Executives Arrested in France For Running Illegal Taxi Company

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‘Taxi Versus Uber Driver’ Protests Turn Violent in France

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Uber Poached Driverless Car Engineers With Six-Figure Bonuses and Double Salaries

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Uber Hires ‘Asian Avengers’ After Chinese Government Raids Offices

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