Two Uber Executives Arrested in France For Running Illegal Taxi Company

By Riley Schatzle - 60 minutes ago

The French government is not taking matters lightly in their attempts to restrict the taxi and ride-sharing service UberPop. Today, … Continue reading


‘Taxi Versus Uber Driver’ Protests Turn Violent in France

By Riley Schatzle - Jun 25, 2015

On Thursday, French taxi drivers finally hit their boiling point with Uber, and especially its unlicensed Uberpop drivers, stealing their … Continue reading


Uber Poached Driverless Car Engineers With Six-Figure Bonuses and Double Salaries

By Augustine Reyes Chan - Jun 1, 2015

Researchers and scientists from Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) were poached by Uber earlier this year to … Continue reading


Uber Hires ‘Asian Avengers’ After Chinese Government Raids Offices

By Laura Dang - May 21, 2015

Imagine what it would be like to ride in a car with an Avenger, except that they’re Asian. Some lucky passengers came … Continue reading


Engineer Asks Quora to Help Decide Between Two Job Offers, Immediately Regrets It

By Jacob Wagner - May 7, 2015

A Silicon Valley engineer was having some trouble deciding between two job offers — one from Uber and the other … Continue reading


Hero Uber Driver Prevents Shooting Spree Using Concealed Handgun

By Augustine Reyes Chan - Apr 21, 2015

One of Uber’s drivers got out of his car and started shooting people on the street. Uber’s luster has long … Continue reading


Female Student Escapes Uber Car After Driver Demanded Money or Sex

By Editorial Staff - Apr 8, 2015

Last Friday morning, a female student at the University of Michigan reported to university police that her Uber driver “demanded … Continue reading


Mom Gives Birth to ‘World’s First Uber Baby’ on the Way to Hospital

By Augustine Reyes Chan - Mar 31, 2015

Baby on board! A Brooklyn mom has given birth in an Uber. We’ve all heard the stories of a baby … Continue reading


There’s a New ‘Uber’ for Kids and It’s Not Creepy At All

By Augustine Reyes Chan - Mar 19, 2015

So you’re a parent and are juggling many things at once. You have to get the kids ready for school … Continue reading


Uber is Now Installing A ‘Panic Button’ in India To Protect Passengers From Their Own Drivers

By Sarah Lesnar - Feb 10, 2015

In perhaps the smartest move they’ve ever made concerning passenger safety, Uber is now installing a “panic button,” among other … Continue reading