There’s a Bus With Wi-Fi That Will Take You From L.A. to SF While You Sleep for $48

By Laura Dang - Apr 21, 2016

Thanks to a new startup, sleepy drivers can be snoozing while a designated driver gets them safely to their destination overnight. The … Continue reading


MIT Startup nuTonomy to Introduce the World’s First Driverless Taxis in Singapore

By Editorial Staff - Apr 7, 2016

The Singapore public transport system is about to get a massive technological makeover. Startup nuTonomy, a company birthed by the … Continue reading


How the Millionaire Co-Founder of WebMD Prevents His Son From Becoming a Spoiled Brat

By Editorial Staff - Mar 10, 2016

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New Startup Allows You to Buy Part of a Cow Before It’s Turned Into Steak

By Editorial Staff - Mar 10, 2016

The communion between meat lovers and startup geeks has produced Crowd Cow, an idea that allows individuals to buy shares … Continue reading


Building a Startup Doesn’t Make You Special

By Jon Westenberg - Feb 23, 2016

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Indian Startup Creates The World’s Cheapest Smartphone, Costs Only $4

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Before He Sold His Startup, He Was a Complete Failure Living on 50¢ a Day

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With three failed startups under his belt by the time he hit his mid-twenties, Satya Vya ended up spending the … Continue reading


Man Trades Startup Equity For a Bicycle, Company Sells for $250 Million 8 Years Later

By Editorial Staff - Feb 5, 2016

Along with his two friends, Chris Hill-Scott founded a startup that was purchased by Microsoft this week for $250 million. … Continue reading


This is What a Bunch of Rich Dudes Bickering on Twitter Looks Like

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This New York Startup Has the Best Way to Help Refugee Chefs Everywhere

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