Mesmerizing New Invention Solves One of Life’s Greatest Struggles

By Jacob Wagner - Mar 23, 2015

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Startup Service Aimed at Millennials Rents Out Rolexes for a Monthly Fee

By Augustine Reyes Chan - Mar 23, 2015

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Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 Rule For Making Your First Pitch a Success

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Amazon’s CTO Calls His Company a ‘Startup,’ Gets Completely Shut Down

By Sebastian Dillon - Mar 16, 2015

In a panel held by FF Ventures yesterday at SXSW, Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels, a man who doesn’t work for a … Continue reading


Magical New Startup Aims to Get You Anything You Desire Via Text

By Augustine Reyes Chan - Feb 24, 2015

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The 6 Tools We Use To Run A Company While 500 Miles Apart

By Greg Muender - Feb 20, 2015

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This One Problem is Causing Millennials to Launch Fewer Startups

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17-Year-Old Drops Out of High School to Help Teens Launch Startups

By Waylae Gregoire - Feb 9, 2015

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Chinese Startup Allegedly Offers Night with Japanese Pornstar as Employee Bonus [UPDATED]

By Jacob Wagner - Feb 5, 2015

[Update 2-19-14 10:43 p.m. PST] A representative at Qihoo 360 as released the following statement to NextShark: “It appears someone … Continue reading


Best Advice: How a Cold Email Can Land You Funding

By Brian Wong - Feb 4, 2015

Someone once told me, “If you ask for money, you get advice. If you ask for advice, you get money.” … Continue reading