BioQuark’s Ira Pastor: Meet the Man Whose Biotech Company Is Trying to Bring People Back From the Dead

By Waylae Gregoire - May 5, 2016

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People Who Have Intense Nightmares Have a Surprising Advantage, Sleep Expert Says

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Here’s the 700-Calorie Breakfast That Google’s Lead Futurist Claims Will Help Him Live Forever

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Science Confirms Listening to Live Music is an Amazing Stress Reducer

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This $500 Fitness Tracking Mirror Uses Incredible Technology to Help You Lose Weight

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Why You May Never Want to Use This Hand Dryer Again, According to New Study

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Genius Teen Wins $150,000 For Inventing Device That Cleans Polluted Water at Intel Science Talent Search

By Editorial Staff - Apr 7, 2016

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The Female ‘Robin Hood of Science’ Released 50 Million Copyrighted Science Journals Online — For Free

By Editorial Staff - Apr 4, 2016

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Man Cuts Off a Part of His Own Leg to See What Human Meat Tastes Like

By Editorial Staff - Mar 22, 2016

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Thirteen-Year-Old Wins Space Agency Competition With Satellite That May Produce Oxygen on Mars

By Max Chang - Jan 22, 2016

A 13-year-old’s model satellite has the potential to create oxygen while in the orbit of a lifeless planet like Mars. … Continue reading