The Mansion from the Series ‘The O.C.’ is on Sale for $6.25 Million

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Reporter Suffers a Mental Breakdown Trying to Cover a Classic Car Show

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Rich Chinese Women Are Now Paying Americans $150,000 to Have Their Babies For Them

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Meet the $740 Million Man Who Calls Himself the ‘Most Influential Person of China’

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Parody Video Sums Up Everything We Think When We See Rich People’s Fancy Water Ads

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These 15 Photographs Show the World of the Wealthiest One Percent We Don’t See

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Rich Idiot Crashes $845,000 Porsche Trying to Impress a Girl

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50 Cent’s Fans Have a Hilarious Plan to Make the Rapper Rich Again

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Rich Couple Spends $40,000 on a Commercial For Their $32 Million Mansion

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