South Asians Hijacked Azealia Banks’ Racist Slurs and Shut Them Down in the Best Way

By Laura Dang - May 12, 2016

Countless women have taken to Twitter to declare that they are proud “curry scented bitches” after rapper Azealia Banks accused … Continue reading


StubHub is Offering a $5000 Job to Snapchat and Instagram Their Summer Music Festivals

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Science Explains Why Everyone Hates Nickelback

By Editorial Staff - Apr 18, 2016

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Science Confirms Listening to Live Music is an Amazing Stress Reducer

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Korean Tourist Asks Italian Street Musicians if He Can Join Them, Nails It

By Editorial Staff - Mar 8, 2016

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Couples Who Do This One Activity Together Have Twice as Much Sex

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The Internet is Going Crazy Over This Young Saxophonist From Taiwan

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Watch David Bowie Epically Wreck MTV For Not Playing Videos By Black Artists

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How a 22-Year-Old Dropout Inspired By Avicii Became One of the Hottest DJs in EDM

By Editorial Staff - Jan 8, 2016

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He Sings Alone at an Empty Church — Wait Until You See Who Joins Him

By Editorial Staff - Dec 11, 2015

Musician Peter Hollens recently put together an incredible rendition of”Mary Did You Know?” Check out the wonderful song above!