People Who Swear Feel Stronger, More Powerful and Less Stressed, According to Research

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This Chart Shows How Much Money Millennials Earn in Each State

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An NFL Coach Wanted This Spreadsheet Because He Doesn’t Understand Millennials

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My Advice to 22 Year-Olds

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New Study Reveals Millennials’ Most Ridiculous, Shocking Job Expectations

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New Poll Shows A Disturbing Amount of Millennials Think They’ll Get Rich Someday Despite Being Broke

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Latest Bank Report Has Horrible News For People Who Aren’t Making Money By Age 26

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Study: The One Thing Everyone Hates About Millennials May Actually Be What Makes Them Innovative

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Why 2015 is Going to be a Game Changer for Millennials

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Study: Millennials Starting to Care More About Money Than We Think

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