The Only Michelin-Starred Ramen in the World is Now Sold in Japanese Convenience Stores

By Editorial Staff - 11 hours ago

In Japan, a stop at local convenience stores Circle K or Sunkus provides customers a chance to taste a bowl … Continue reading


The Organic Coup: First All-Organic Fast Food Chain Founded by Costco Execs Raises $7 Million in Funding

By Editorial Staff - May 26, 2016

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Kids are Now Sniffing the Main Ingredient in Chocolate as a Party Drug

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Rainbow Sushi on Instagram Has Become Latest Colorful Food Trend

By Editorial Staff - May 23, 2016

Rainbow colored rolls are the growing trend among sushi lovers on Instagram.  No, we’re not talking about the assorted rainbow roll that consists … Continue reading


Man Tests the Limits of ‘All You Can Eat’ Buffets and the Results are Hilarious

By Ryan General - May 20, 2016

One does not simply enter a buffet restaurant and binge without a plan. As one bold “all you can eat” … Continue reading


Tyson Foods and Other Poultry Producers Deny Workers Bathroom Breaks, Force Them to Wear Diapers

By Editorial Staff - May 13, 2016

A new report by Oxfam America reveals that many poultry farms across the United States place their workers in inhumane … Continue reading


Vietnamese Restaurant Under Fire For Mysterious Bikini-Clad Waitresses

By Editorial Staff - May 12, 2016

A restaurant in the Cau Giay District of Hanoi is raising a few eyebrows after photos of bikini-clad waitresses at … Continue reading


A Baller Company Just Bought Krispy Kreme Doughnuts For $1.35 Billion

By Laura Dang - May 9, 2016

Krispy Kreme’s doughnut chain is cashing in for $1.35 billion after being acquired by a private company on Monday. JAB … Continue reading


Why This Rare Chinese Tea Costs $10,000 Per Pot

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Tea enthusiasts with lots of money to spend may want to head to a town in southern China to find … Continue reading


FBI Arrests Man Who Sprayed Mouse Poison on Whole Foods’ Buffet

By Laura Dang - May 4, 2016

A man who casually walked into a Whole Foods store and sprayed mouse poison onto the self-serve food bars has … Continue reading