Payal Kadakia: How She Turned Her Love of Dancing Into a Startup Venture

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The field of entrepreneurship is dominated mostly by males. What do you think is key for women everywhere to really break out as female entrepreneurs?

“Women must remember to be themselves and realize that they have an edge because they are women – not a disadvantage. Women are nurturing and have good instincts by nature, and men and women will inherently face different problems and solve them uniquely.  Being an entrepreneur requires one to be a problem solver and as I mentioned earlier, thriving businesses (especially which are dominated by women consumers) will always have support, and that is what ultimately matters.”

What is the greatest lesson Payal has learned since founding two companies?

“The greatest lesson I’ve learned is to trust yourself and take risks. You cannot fear failure, because it provides the best opportunity to learn.”

What are your thoughts on balancing a successful and happy relationship while managing a company?

“Balancing a happy relationship and running a company (as well as dancing) forces me to maximize my time and most importantly, my thoughts. It’s very easy to waste time in your day, or spend time worrying about things that do not matter – it’s something we all can find ourselves doing – but you have to control it and focus on what matters in order to be more productive and get more out of life.”

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Lastly, what do you have planned for the future of ClassPass or the Sa Dance Company? Do you have plans to build another company?

“For ClassPass, my goal is to continue growing the company in order to provide more and more people with an engaging and accessible fitness routine. This year we are very excited to launch into new cities and continue working with more studios. We want to transform the future of fitness and eliminate barriers to staying active. For Sa, my goal is to continue to share Indian dance in the U.S., as well as nurture my Indian roots. I am always humbled when we are asked to perform at some of the most prestigious dance theaters/events in the city, such as Alvin Ailey, SummerStage, or the Downtown Dance Festival. And some day, I also hope to build a school that recognizes and celebrates Indian performing arts.”

Check out ClassPass and the Sa Dance Company.

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