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Is the Bulletproof Diet an expensive diet to start?

A lot of people say it’s expensive — it’s just not. If you’re used to ramen, it’s expensive. But let me tell you, ramen isn’t really food. Like you will pay for the ramen a lot — you’ll pay for it five years after you started eating it. But you’ll get essentially type II diabetes, cardiac dysfunction, rapid aging, inflammation, all sorts of bad things are going to happen to you, but if you are young, you can handle it for a while. But when things stop working, it’s going to take a lot of time and energy and money to come back to where you should have been anyway.Trust me — I know, I did it. So, let’s talk about grass-fed butter. Kerrygold, a very widely available brand, it’s $3 for half a pound of butter. It is one of the cheapest foods on a per calorie basis and on a per satisfaction basis. So my typical breakfast is upgraded coffee beans mixed with two tablespoons of grass-fed butter, and I am not hungry for six or eight hours. Like today so far, I had that, a little bit of my MCT oil, butter and some coffee, so that probably cost about a buck at most. So then I had four ounces of smoked sockeye salmon, and if I was really hungry I would’ve had more butter with that too, but that was all I wanted. And I don’t remember what time it is now, but it’s like later in the day, and so far, the salmon was about six bucks at Whole Foods. If I wanted to save money I would have gone to Costco and I could’ve bought a pound of it for $10 or $11. So far for today for me, I’ve spend $5 on the Bulletproof Diet. For dinner, well, I’m on the road, I’m traveling, I’m probably going to get sushi with a friend. But if you wanted to be, you know, the cheap entrepreneur, let’s get some grass-fed meat for you. You go to Whole Foods it’s 10 bucks a pound. Do you have a freezer? If you don’t have a freezer they are $300 at Costco for a half-size chest freezer. Buy one. And then go online and I tell you how to get grass-fed beef. It cost about $5.50 for a whole pound of super high quality amazing beef. So, if you do that, you are not going to eat the whole pound of beef, unless like you are working out really heavy, or you’re really big or something, you will probably eat half a pound of beef. So now you’re looking at about $2.50. So let’s say you’re really scraping bottom — screw the beef and buy some eggs. A dozen eggs in the farmer’s market in the Bay Area is about 6 bucks. In the town, it’s closer to 4 to 5 bucks.  That’s a lot of protein, and it’s a really good quality fat in those things. Oh, and I guess some vegetables. Vegetables are nice. They’re not an absolute requirement all the time if you’re really scraping bottom, so you go to the farmer’s market and get the cheapest, freshest, nicest vegetables, or you can go to a place like Whole Foods and pay a lot more for vegetables — or, buy the frozen ones. This is amazing, but the frozen vegetables are fresher than the vegetables you buy fresh because they were frozen right after they are picked, and the other one sat on the back of a truck for a couple of days getting here. They freeze them right in the field sometimes; other times, it’s right next door to the field. So, you’re gonna cook it anyway; it doesn’t matter whether if is frozen. In fact, you’ll get more of vitamins from the frozen, so you can save money on essentially frozen green beans is a good way to do it. So you can get some vegetables, you can get some kind of roughage, and that’s gonna be a pretty good day. You can use the protein powders as well. I have collagen — two tablespoons of that you get 30 grams of protein a couple times a day. You can just put that in any kind of smoothie you want, so it’s not expensive what you’re doing. It is just three things that most people don’t understand about nutrition. And it comes down to does it have the right stuff in it to start with? Is it the right macronutrient? Is it protein or fat or sugar? What is it you are trying to do? What’s the effect it’s going to be?

What’s your opinion of popular diets already out there?

I’ve tried most of them. I was a raw vegan for a while, and that actually gave me a lot more food allergies. I wish I haven’t had done that. Several of my most ardent Bulletproof followers are still recovering years later from going on raw vegan diet and realizing, “Oh wow, it wrecked my body.” Another friend who is actually an employee at Google –really amazing guy, martial artist, very, very bright — went on a raw vegan diet and 18 months later this guy has terrible food allergies, brain fog, and all these other problems. So, I’ll tell you flat out that you feel good for the first, maybe three months, on a raw vegan diet because of what I call “the vegan trap.” You have a six-week period where it takes your nervous system to form a new habit, so you just get used to doing something. Well, for the first few months you feel great on the vegan diet because it hides a mitochondrial energy deficiency because of the excess omega 6 oils in it. So the short version is, it makes you feel good while letting some systems start to not work. So by the time you start wobbling and not feeling so good, you’re already totally convinced that the diet works. So it’s not the diet; it’s something else. So you spend the next, you know, 9 or 10 months looking around for “Why am I not feeling so good?” And a few people do it for longer than the others, and yeah, there’s a few vegan endurance  athletes and people like that. But nonetheless, if you took the vegan endurance athlete and you gave him a steak, they’d be a better endurance athlete. Like that’s just how it’s going to be. So that is one thing. Then there is Atkins. Atkins works really well for the first half for the weight you have to lose, and the second half — protein is too inflammatory. Atkins himself was an amazing pioneer of nutrition. There is a bunch of diets out there, and it goes back to that order of operation; all of them are missing one of the two things. Most diets focus on vitamins. I am sorry — you should get your vitamins in real food if you get your toxins from mother nature. Oh wait, we live in a world where all the toxins to speak of are not from mother nature; a vast majority of them — including the flame retardant in this nice couch I am sitting on — did not evolve naturally. So I am absorbing it through my skin right now. Does that mean that I must make sure that I get all my vitamins from carrots? No, it’s a ludicrous thought, so you should be taking vitamins if you want to survive and thrive and live a long time and not get cancer or things like that. The odds are improved if you take enough of the right kind of nutrients. And it shouldn’t be poorly formed, cheap ones either; it matters. If you are a young entrepreneur and you’re on a budget, vitamin D and magnesium are the two that matter the most, and probably some vitamin C; that’s a really good idea. As you get older, you’ll probably want to invest more on these things as you could afford them because they will have great returns in terms of health.[/highlight]

In another interview, you said vegans are, in a sense, killing animals. How is that?

Let’s talk about farming and what it does to mother nature. You look at those nice rows of fields that are all farmed and all — how much biodiversity do we have there? We don’t. It’s not a natural ecosystem whatsoever. So the idea that we are going to support people on vegan diets by farming and growing soybeans and wheats and making seitan — you know, seitan’s that fake meat product that is almost all MSG and gluten — it’s not something that makes for healthy kids. It’s certainly — as the author of a book on fertility and epigenetics — it’s not something that leads to healthy children and healthier grandchildren. It degrades our species multi-generationally. So this is not in line with the philosophy that vegans are attempting to do if they are environmental vegans. And then you have the “I am not going to kill” vegans. And this is a tougher one; if you have an aversion to killing, it’s tough, because you’re still killing things everyday. The circle of life includes both life and death.

But you say, “Alright, I am only going to eat tofu. That going to be my protein source.” But how do you think that soybean was cut down? By a tractor. What did the tractor leave in its wake? Turtles, bunnies, rabbits, grasshoppers, snakes. So, if you’re assuming that by destroying the soil by making people do farming, and then taking relatively low caloric density, high fiber, high water food put on a petroleum-driven truck driving at a very long distance, or even better yet, on an airplane from Peru, so you can eat your “fresh” vegetables that didn’t have very many calories and probably made you very tired. It’s not sustainable for the Earth; it’s not sustainable for you as a human being. So you have to step up to the fact that you are worth it and it’s okay to ethically kill an animal, and I learned that from a Tibetan lama in Lasa. So I will tell you if you are a vegan, don’t eat chicken; you are killing a lot of animals, and besides, chickens are terribly treated. But if you eat a grass-fed cow that was raised by someone you know or someone you know is ethical, then I think you are actually doing something that was great for the soil, great for the planet biome and great for the environment and the ecosystem around you. So if you do that, not only are you are helping the planet, you are helping the ecosystem inside your body, and you are going to give yourself some nutrients as nourishment that are pretty important.


In a separate interview with Business Insider, you made some interesting claims about Orgasms. What’s this about less orgasms leading to better health?

There is a longstanding tradition of paying attention to orgasm and human performance. The Taoists are famous for this. Taoism is actually a quest for immortality. They are looking at what are the things you can do to live a long time. And the Taoist equation for orgasm for man only — it is not true for women — is that you take your age in years minus seven and you divide by four. And it gives you a number, and that number is the number of days that should occur between the times you ejaculate. You can have a orgasm as long as you can do that without ejaculating, but those are essentially the same things for most people. The Taoist also say that if you really want to live a long time, you should only have an ejaculation every 30 days, and you should make sure that the orgasm does not last longer than a half hour. And I’m like, “Holy crap! A Half-hour orgasm? All right. Now they really got my attention! This could be fun,” so I decided I’d construct an experiment. I’d be a guinea pig like I always have. So I talked to my wife about it, and she thought it was hilarious. She said, alright, fine. And I said, “Alright, let’s test it first,” and I got a base line, like how do you feel on an average day, and on a scale of 1 to 10 it’s like a 5. On some days it’s a 7, some days it’s a 3. But just write a number down every day and say this is about how I’m doing, my satisfaction with my life, with my job and my family, how much energy do I have, and munge it into a number; it’s not that scientific. But if you do it it over time, it gives you a signal, and you are looking at the change in the signal — that’s what’s most important. So then I first did that every eight days. And what I found was that during the eight-day experiments was that the satisfaction of my life went up, and towards the end of the week, funny enough, I had more sex, because since you’re not having an orgasm, “Let’s do it again.”  So then I graduated on to the more difficult one which was the 30 days. That took several attempts to get it right. That was a huge act of will power.

The part of you that wants to go out and ejaculate all the time is the same part that runs your “fight or flight” response. It is what I call the labrador in your head. If you think about what a labrador does — labrador retriever, the big floppy dog — they are like, “Oh look! Cat poo! I’ll go eat it!” Right? So, they’ll eat anything, right? Is that a human behavior that causes problems? Yes it is. And then “Oh, a stick! I’ll chase it!” Is distractibility a major issue for most people? Yes it is. And then “Oh look a leg. I’ll go hump it.”; that’s the other problem. So those are big three things that everyone does that gets in their own way. So all right, I have turned off the “Oh look, I’ll eat cat poop” because my Bulletproof Coffee turns off food cravings. I am nourished and satisfied and eat the Bulletproof Diet the rest of the time; I don’t have food cravings because I’m not starving anymore, so I satisfied that part of my inner labrador. And then I went in and said, alright, let’s do the sex thing. And then at that point you’re training the inner labrador basically to wait. You teach your dog to stay, and they’ll stay until they’re done. This is doing that for your own nervous system. Napoleon Hill went around and interviewed some of the most successful entrepreneurs and most powerful and wealthy people of his day — this was I think the 30s, 50s? Something like that? A long time ago, and what he found was that many many of them had realized that if they wanted to have their full faculties and their full energy available, that they practiced this idea — not that you never have sex; that’s a very different thing actually what happens when you control the amount of time. Now that I’ve measured the data, including the 30-day data, this is amazing but I’m happier going 30 days without having orgasm than I am having orgasm every 3 days. I have more energy and I am happier. And now I recognize, because I’ve learned to see the pattern, that there is an orgasm hangover. So if I ejaculate, the next couple of days I am less satisfied with life, I am less happy, I’m more tired and I’m crankier. So what does that mean? That means If I have less orgasms — I have more sex. That’s a good thing, right? And if I have more sex and I have less cranky days with less energy, that’s also a good thing. So basically, I followed the Taoists’ rules of 8 days or more, and I am happy to go 30 days. So that sounds incredibly weird except well it works really well, and no one talks about this stuff, except I do because I’m a biohacker; you know that’s the way it is.

What are the 3 tips you have for our viewers?

Number one: The most powerful thing you can possibly do to perform better is gratitude. It sounds a little weird, but you can actually measure the effect of gratitude on an EEG machine. So if you’re walking around, and you haven’t practiced gratitude, and you haven’t practiced the other one, which would be number 2 on the list, is forgiveness. So if you’re not thankful for the things you’ve got, and you are holding a grudge, you will suck as an entrepreneur compared to what you can do when you stop holding grudges and you realize that almost nothing that happens is about you. It’s not personal; you just take it personally.  When you learn to let it wash over you, you get out of your own way. And that’s the trick to being a good entrepreneur, and honestly a good human being, is to get out on your own way. And I am fortunate that the technologies I’ve used and some of the other practices have helped me do that, so got to get your gratitude and your forgiveness down. On top of that, the next thing would be you need to fuel your hardware, and this comes down to the Bulletproof Diet, things like that; Bulletproof Coffee is a part of the Bulletproof Diet. But giving yourself enough of the right kinds of fat will make you live longer; you’ll have better hormones, better sex, better physique, everything, it just comes together. And I guess that’s number 4, if you assume gratitude and forgiveness are separate. But I’ll add one other thing in there: You need to have really good relationships. And this is separate from the gratitude thing, but the people you chose to put in your life are really important. So pick the most awesome friends you possibly can, and be the most awesome friend you possibly can, and this includes whether it’s for your significant other or your friends, because if you do that you will be much happier and you’ll perform better and basically you’ll make the world a better place. So not the list you probably expected, but those are the things that matter the most and you can just do it faster and better with technology.


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