Artist Creates the Most Epic Pictures Using Only His iPhone


Thirty-nine-year-old artist Charlie Davoli is capable of meshing together everyday photos he captures to create the most surreal portraits of his imagined dreamscape using nothing but his iPhone.


Davoli, who was born in Singapore and raised in Italy, writes on BoredPanda:

“When I walk down the street, I shoot anything that catches my attention, creating an immense archive of photos. The creation of a new dreamscape happens at a later stage in the concept: thanks to my pool of images, the editing process is then almost immediate through the use of iPhone apps like PsTouch, iDesign, Superimpose, MatterApp e Mextures.”

“My influences are a chimerical blend of the metaphysical imagery in De Chirico with a love for Bauhaus geometry and the pop culture of Warhol and Lichtenstein all with the addition of some sci-fi retro.”

If you’ve never thought that an iPhone could be used to create amazing modern art, prepare to be proven wrong.

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