Gender Inequality Starts as Early as Childhood, Study Suggests

By Jacob Wagner - 4 minutes ago

Inequality between men and women doesn’t start in the office — it starts at home, with mom and dad. Research … Continue reading


Wealthy People in the U.K. Actually Hire Dog Nannies for up to $75,000 a Year

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Mom Gives Birth to ‘World’s First Uber Baby’ on the Way to Hospital

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Airbus’s Plans for Interactive Smart Glass in Future Plane Windows Are Revealed

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In the future, when you’re traveling on a plane, you’ll have unparalleled and unobstructive views of landmarks below, and all … Continue reading


Jay Z Launches New ‘Spotify-Killing’ Startup With Small Celebrity Army

By Austin Grant-Dixon - Mar 30, 2015

Tidal, Jay Z’s music subscription brainchild, launched earlier today with 16 musical heavyweights under its belt. So far, the list … Continue reading


Man Awarded $2400 After Suing Pizza Hut For ‘Excessively Hard Croutons’

By Editorial Staff - Mar 30, 2015

Remember when that one woman was awarded $2.9 million after suing McDonald’s over their coffee being too hot? A suit … Continue reading


CFO Who Made $200K Per Year is Now On Food Stamps Three Years After Abusive Chick-fil-A Video

By Augustine Reyes Chan - Mar 30, 2015

A former CFO who once earned $200,000 a year is now on food stamps three years after posting a video … Continue reading


This $300 Hamptons Trailer Bought in 1956 Is Now on Sale for Over $1 Million

By Augustine Reyes Chan - Mar 30, 2015

A trailer house on land bought for $300 is now on the market for $1.2 million. A humble one-bedroom, one-bath … Continue reading


Fortune’s 50 Greatest Leaders in the World are Not Who You’d Expect

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Three months into 2015, our hard-working and observant colleagues at Fortune have already compiled and arranged a roster of the … Continue reading


Michael Jordan Wanted to Win So Bad He Even Talked Trash to ‘Space Jam’ Movie Extras

By Jacob Wagner - Mar 27, 2015

Everyone knows by now that legendary basketball star Michael Jordan is ultra-competitive. His drive to win and be the best … Continue reading