Google Fires Shots at Uber and Lyft With RideWith App

By Augustine Reyes Chan - 35 minutes ago

A new carpooling pilot program launched today in Israel by online mapping company Waze could eventually put Google, which purchased … Continue reading


The Petition to Remove Reddit CEO Ellen Pao Now has Almost 200,000 Supporters

By Max Chang - 5 hours ago

(UPDATE: Ellen Pao issued a new apology statement saying, “We screwed up” in Reddit post.) An online petition calling for the … Continue reading


A Chinese Company Slaps Female Workers With Fines If They Get Pregnant at the Wrong Time

By Laura Dang - 6 hours ago

A firm in China is punishing its female employees for becoming pregnant at times deemed inconvenient for the company. A … Continue reading


Tons of Reddit Users Flock to Competing Platform in Midst of Reddit Chaos

By Max Chang - Jul 3, 2015

Redditors seeking “Reddit alternatives” because of Director of Talent Victoria Taylor’s firing have taken refuge in the much smaller Reddit clone … Continue reading


Reddit’s CEO Allegedly Fired an Employee For Having Cancer and Not Recovering Fast Enough

By Editorial Staff - Jul 3, 2015

(UPDATE 12:31 p.m. Pacific: Dacvak’s AMA has been removed from Reddit’s front page.) In the midst of all the chaos … Continue reading


Woman Dodges Parking Ticket After Noticing Missing Comma

By Jacob Wagner - Jul 2, 2015

One Ohio woman legitimately got out of a parking ticket after noticing the simplest grammar mistake in the village law. … Continue reading


Google’s Photo Recognition Software Thinks Two Black People are ‘Gorillas’

By Augustine Reyes Chan - Jul 1, 2015

Google Photo’s facial-recognition software can classify pictures — whether they are of people, pets or objects, among other things — … Continue reading


Billionaire Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegel Caught Making Out with Model Miranda Kerr

By Sebastian Dillon - Jul 1, 2015

As if being a boy billionaire and founder of Snapchat wasn’t enough, Evan Spiegel is also going for the title … Continue reading


Wall Street Intern Wins $18 Million in Epic Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

By Sebastian Dillon - Jun 30, 2015

Hanna Bouveng, a 25-year-old former marketing intern, is now $18 million richer after winning a sexual harassment case against her 43-year-old … Continue reading


Pizza Hut Employee Photographed Masturbating in Drive-Thru by Teenage Girls

By Augustine Reyes Chan - Jun 30, 2015

Two teens who ordered pizza from Pizza Hut using one of the chain’s drive-through services claim they caught a male … Continue reading