Lion-Killing Dentist’s Yelp Page Gets Filled With One-Star Reviews and Gay Porn

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Rich Dentist Pays $55,000 to Decapitate and Skin Beloved Lion

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Floyd Mayweather Pitches in $10,000 to Find Whoever Killed His Jeweler

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These Cities Have the Highest STD Rates in America

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‘Have Any of You Guys Heard from Kobe?’ Three New Lakers Give the Most Awkward Response

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Instagram Shuts Down a User’s Account to Give it to a Famous Soccer Player

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Girl Spends Entire $90,000 College Fund on Clothes and Vacation, Blames Her Parents

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How ‘The Fat Jew’ Used Instagram to Land a Modelling Gig

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World Champion Formula One Driver Banned From Wimbledon For Not Dressing Fancy Enough

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Someone Posted an Ad Offering $100 an Hour to Annoy a Doorman

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