Dan Bilzerian Taught Senator Rand Paul How to Play Liar’s Poker Using $100 Bills

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How You Can Go to the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Fight for $10

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Tech-Company Posts The Most Epic Job Ad for ‘2 F*cking Great Developers’

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Prankster Exposes College Girl as Thirsty ‘Fame Digger’

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This is How You Make a Boring Day at the Office Look Epic

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This Guy May Be the Best Shoe Reviewer on the Internet

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Two Roommates Stab Each Other in Drunken Fight Over Android and Apple Phones

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Fired 2,200 Employees in the Most Evil Way, Walmart Did

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15-Year-Old Girl With $80,000-a-Month Allowance Goes HAM on Plastic Surgery Haters

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Tyler the Creator Calls out the Douchebags and Rich Kids in the VIP Section at Coachella

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