Alleged Rich Kid in Dubai Trolls Blogger, Pays Over $7000 on Venmo to Humiliate Him

By Sebastian Dillon - Mar 25, 2015

Few things would make a person angrier than being targeted by a foreign internet troll who barraged them with insults … Continue reading


Here’s The Story Behind Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘I’m CEO, Bitch.’ Business Card

By Sebastian Dillon - Mar 24, 2015

Back when Facebook was still known as “The Facebook,” an ambitious, baby-faced 22-year-old Mark Zuckerberg coined the phrase “I’m CEO, … Continue reading


Luxury Brands Ranked For The Wealthiest Asian Shoppers

By Sebastian Dillon - Mar 23, 2015

In case you’ve been living under a rock, China’s wealthiest consumers are always the center of discussion when it comes … Continue reading


Chai Yan Leung, The Love of My Life, Has Successfully Fled Hong Kong

By Sebastian Dillon - Mar 18, 2015

CY Leung, father of Chai Yan and the guy who runs Hong Kong or something, released a rare public statement … Continue reading


Google Chairman Humiliated By Own Employee For Being Rude to Female Panelist

By Sebastian Dillon - Mar 17, 2015

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt SXSW is quickly becoming a place where delusional execs go to get checked by panelists … Continue reading


Hong Kong Leader’s Daughter Has Epic Facebook Meltdown, Leaves Home Forever

By Sebastian Dillon - Mar 16, 2015

[Update 3-16-15 11:13 p.m. PST] After Chai Yan Leung made her posts on Facebook, her page was deactivated. Shortly after, it … Continue reading


Amazon’s CTO Calls His Company a ‘Startup,’ Gets Completely Shut Down

By Sebastian Dillon - Mar 16, 2015

In a panel held by FF Ventures yesterday at SXSW, Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels, a man who doesn’t work for a … Continue reading


You Can Now Buy Land on ‘Penis Island’ for $122,000

By Sebastian Dillon - Mar 13, 2015

Not far from the island of Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island, is a phallic-shaped island (and a small one … Continue reading


Why Google’s Retired CFO’s ‘Model For Success’ is Complete Bullsh*t

By Sebastian Dillon - Mar 11, 2015

Google’s now-former CFO, Patrick Pichette, announced his retirement from the tech giant in a post on his Google+ account yesterday. “After … Continue reading


Revenge Porn Scumbag Steals ‘Shark Tank’ Investor’s Life, Charges $70,000 For Appearances

By Sebastian Dillon - Mar 10, 2015

Chance Trahan (a name that does not roll pleasantly off the tongue), co-founder of the revenge-porn site IsAnybodyDown?, is now … Continue reading