Twenty-Four-Year-Old Freaks Out When His Hospital Charges Him $1,148,772.25 For a 5-Day Stay

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People are Freaking Out Over the First-Ever Approved Genetically Modified Super Salmon

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A Popular Soy Sauce Company Has Been Exposed for Violent Animal Testing

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How Reddit Banded Together to Help a Woman Save Her Small Business

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Drinking Champagne Can Help Prevent These Terrifying Brain Diseases, Study Finds

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Science Discovers Something Very Troubling About Children Raised With Religion

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Here’s the Loophole That Let One Man Snag an Epic $60,000 First Class Flight for $300

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There’s a Terrifying Breed of ‘Werewolf Cats’ That Act Like Dogs and Cost Up to $2,500

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The Camerawoman Who Tripped Refugees Plans to Sue Facebook and the Man She Tripped

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Being Powerful in Society Comes With One Major Downside, Study Finds

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