Catcalling Women Tell Men: ‘I Want to Destroy Your D*ck’

Recent exposure to catcalling has influenced two New York comedians to take action.

Women who walk by themselves, usually in big cities, sometimes have to deal with men accosting them verbally. In an attempt to bring more exposure to the issue, comedians Soojeong Son and Ginny Leise created a parody that mocks men and their attempts to seduce women on the street.

They reverse the roles and approach men at Bryant Park, in a somewhat awkward fashion, whispering phrases like,

“I want to destroy your dick.”

“Uh, dat ass.”

“I want to sit on your face.”

“I want to f*ck you.”

While these ladies might be saying things that are only slightly more dramatic in comparison to what men actually say on the street, the idea is that catcalling makes the target feel at best, uncomfortable, and at worst, unsafe.

… Well, apparently unless you’re a man — watch the video.

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