You’ll Love Why Russia’s Biggest Bank is Lending Cats to New Homeowners


In Mother Russia, you don’t own cat. Cat owns you. Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, is revolutionizing the banking industry with a promotion to lend cats to customers who take out home mortgages. It all stems from a Russian superstition that letting a cat walk through your new home before you move in will bring you good luck. According to the state-controlled bank’s website:

“Order a cat for your housewarming, and bring happiness and luck to your home.”

Customers are allowed to choose from 10 cat breeds on the website, including an exotic hairless cat. The cats are donated by individuals, some of which are Sberbank employees. Unfortunately, such a great deal doesn’t come without some strings attached. Within the eight pages of fine-print on their website, only the first 30 customers, 15 of which must be in Moscow and the other 15 throughout the rest of the country, who take out a loan of more than $116,000 during the promotion, from mid-August to mid-December, will get a cat, and only for two hours at that. So if you are just buying a new office for your startup, let a cat or two roam around it for a little. It might just bring you good luck.

Source: Businessweek

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