You Won’t Believe What This Uber Driver Did to a Female Passenger


As people are starting to realize the importance of having high online ratings for their businesses, this has led to a select few who resort to extreme measures in order to attain a good online reputation. One of these people is a Los Angeles Uber driver who allegedly wouldn’t let a passenger out of his car until he gave himself a five-star rating on her phone.

The incident happened last night where a women used Uber to get home after a night with friends. When they arrived at her destination, things got a little shaky. This is what the woman wrote in an email to LAist:

[Marat] refused to unlock the door as I was trying to get out even though I pulled at the door handle multiple times (childlock?). At this point I was getting nervous as it was dark (around 10:30 pm) and I was in there alone. The driver parked his car and turned around in his seat. He told me he wanted to see my phone to see how much the ride cost. I took my phone out and opened the Uber app showing him the price of $3.79. Then the driver reached over to try to grab my phone so I moved it out of his reach. After several attempts of him trying to tap something on my screen, I was scared for my safety and was also curious what he was trying to do so I just put the screen closer to him. Then he proceeded to rate himself 5 stars out of 5 and finally unlocked the door to let me out of the car.

This is the scariest and weirdest experience I have ever had with any of the car sharing services. It is so ridiculous that he would go to such lengths to maintain his rating satisfactory that as freaked out as I was, the anti-climatic ending to this story is funny in a fucked up way. I don’t know if I will be taking Uber again and would warn females to refrain from taking it alone at night or carry self-defense products with them.

The passenger wished to remain anonymous and also provided LAist with copy of her Uber receipt:


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Source: LAist

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